2sad 2care

by Amar Ahmad

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These are my songs, I wrote them this summer and partially through the beginning of December.


released December 10, 2014

Thanks to Joebob, for making such an rad cover (it's truly awesome), and liking my music. Also thanks to Dante, Kyle, Nell, Sydney for telling me my songs weren't too shitty, and just being around in general. As well as thanks to Robert, idk you've probably never heard even one of my songs, but thanks for making fun of folk punk constantly, it brings me much joy.

Also thanks to Amy Bruce Spaceshow, Kyle Hall and Neutral Milk Hotel for existing and inspiring me to wanna make music and such. (I'm sure I'm missing a bunch more bands, but thanks to them too)



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Amar Ahmad Boston, Massachusetts

16/ I do this to keep busy

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Track Name: two peas in a pod
We're like two peas in a pod, you can go now if you want, if you're getting way too bored, if it really starts to snow. And if your fingers get too cold you can warm them in mine hands, i dont think i would mind at all.

You look so wonderful when you talk how yr, lips and tongue are soft, how the words spill from your mouth, how your words make me so sad. But i walk home alone regardless.

And you look at me, like I am diseased, and I think i might be in a dream. Because you still talk to me sometimes, still talk to me, and i hope that stops right now.

Because I'll love you when the stars explode, i'll love you when you grow so old, I'll love you when no one else will I'll love you still. I love you when you grow so mean, I love you when you are not clean, I love you when you cry at night. -(I ripoffed Kyle Hall so bad on this verse and just found out now and i am so sorry)

And you look at me, and i stare right back into those blue eyes, I dont know if I have enough to try.

But i've gotten inside my bed, I dont think i"ll be anything without you.
Track Name: floating cigarette butts in every wave
These philosphies tonight, have got me thinking and I don’t understand. Ive got to tell someone I love them, more than they can comprehend. Ive got small small plans, im not a boy im not a man but atleast we can pretend. Without these unpoetic songs, and a voice to sing along I think I might still might be dead.

Hey kyle, its been while, how you doin man? You know I sorta hate things too. Im glad you don’t as much as you used to. But send me one of you’re new philosophies you know they mean the world to me. They keep me from going mad. they get me through night, they make me feel okay make me feel alright. One about space or the one about the stars. I found a knot, can you, tie it back to my heart?

When do the stars aline, when does it become fine?
Whisper sweet nothing words in my ear, I want to feel worth I don’t want to feel fear

Because when you close your eyes at Night, you find yourself hoping. You can see more with your eyes closed than when they ever were open. Glazed over eyes, and your burnt out mind, you start to realize.

So you might cry too, and I might cry too, but I know im worse than any of you. But im sad and I have a guitar, so maybe you should listen to me more.
Track Name: (Interlude) 2sad2care

I honestly don't remember what I was saying, I was really sad, and waiting for the pizza guy. Something about ripping off nuetral milk hotel I think.
Track Name: I take pictures of the tops of trees and call it art
If I could get high I'd get high, If i could get drunk id get drunk, cuz im at the point in my life, where i couldnt give less of a fuck. I eat nothing for breakfast, i throw up for lunch. When I get my drivers license i will crash my car.

Now that you're gone, i can cry as much as i want. and now we dont talk that often, i'll be alone as long as I want, as long as I need.

So take your bike crash it into a tree, i know you never gave a fuck about me, if you really did you'd call me on the phone, you know how much I hate being alone.

And the girls on the sidewalk, I wish they were my friends, and the boys at the skatepark, I wish they were my friends.


Cut me open, let it bleed, let the pain relieve. cut me open let it bleed, let me be. Now your sleeping, now your dreaming, i wonder where you are and if you still think about we.

Someone told me once that misery loves company and im so glad you invited me. But i have one question, something thats been bothering. Why do you... Leave early. You left the party way too early (2)