Uh, Summer Demo

by Art Slob

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Collection of demos from June to August of 2016. I was just proactive enough to make the songs but too lazy to record them well; hence it being a demo. Thanks for peepin at my Summer "not touring" Demo.


released August 7, 2016

Thanks to: Joe for the album art!

Soundclip use on track 7 from the Eric Andre Show

also hope morning effort doesn't sue me lol




Amar Ahmad Boston, Massachusetts

16/ I do this to keep busy

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amar.ahmad91920@gmail dot com

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Track Name: Sweet like the Spit of a Prom Queen
and you hate me but i love you, (she wont like me)
Track Name: Seen 11:11
Lately ive been thinking i should make my dreams come true, and lately ive been dreaming of nothing else but you. I unconsciously catch myself, thinking about you, thinking i should only grab one cup, but start to pick up two. And i blame you instead of me,thats just so now ican proceed, though its written in the stars, bridges burnt but still walked on.

I’ve got holden in the city, ive got blood upon my hands, ive got relationships i wish i hadnt fucked up in the end. I’ve got to kill this motherfucker, with his own two barreled gun, ive got to shoot him right between his eyes, and stare until hes done.

Lately ive been thinking that the thought of you is gone, and we just wont work out, see you dont drive a hybrid car, when you pull away and say, that you have got to run, i just might call you a bitch but know I mean that you are the one.

PLay just open chords, When i told u that i love you, i felt dumb and young and scared. And i when you laughed into your t-shirt, ifelt sick and sad and bare. But when i think back, to that weeekend. I can see you mouth the words. Maybe if i said it louder it wouldnt hurt the way it hurt.

I’ve got love you’s in my pocket, i got please donts, up my sleeves. I’ve got emotions i internalize that I cant let you see. But the truth is yehi triple text, i dont expect response, im just reminding me i hate myself, please let your life go on, it was a mistake to write this song.

Ive been really really sad, and ive been really really mad, and ive been fucking withmyself and i should kill my fucking self.
Track Name: Talking Shit on Morning Effort
It’s probably right and valid too, its okay dude, i hate me too, im not as nice, or as smart as you, i cant be free, like u at school. I cant relax, whyd i do that? Im something else, you hate me too. I see it there, all in your eyes, I might be sad, but not sad as you. Boo Hoo.

One day you’re gonna think back, ill be sitting near a tree, by that time ill probably be dead, a dumb copy not so helpful, self help book probably in hand. Music blaring ear drums bleeding, Sad Jamz playing in my head, Your old dusty mixtapes are what probably, what did it in the end (Yikes)

Im not bitter im depressed, im not malicious with contempt, im just trying to have some fun (tryna be the one), im not quiet im just dumb.

Im not quiet im just dumb
Track Name: Wendy's
And I know you expect me
To sweep you off your feet
To be all romantic
Like "I am the one" kid.

But I'm just too clumsy
To pick roses nicely
I'll never reserve first
We'll never have good seats
We'll end up at Wendy's
You'll never be happy
You'll always feel shabby
I'm always so grumpy
(Shit) Can I get the check please?

(I feel myself withdraw)
Looks like the book was too short
Looks like I missed perfect kiss
Looks like her hair clogged the drain
Looks like I'll see her next week

Why was she crying
She deserves to be happy
you know I've got love
Start to Burst deep inside me
I'll give it to you soon
If that's what you fancy
Wasting my heart now
Too tired to move on
I'm forcing this all out
Im Trying but too hard

Breathing is pointless

I love her nails when she smokes
I love her rings in the rain
I love the way that she sings
I love her poems about space
Track Name: Second Choice
I can sit and talk if theres no one else around and I can hang out if you wanna hang out. When you are there and they are not. If you hate the way that i talk and walk then say the magic words and I’m off and im gone, I’ll go away forever and I’ll fix what I lack, make myself better for if you’d ever need a hand, (if he doesn't don’t show up). Hold me until I’m out of breath, I’ll love you until there’s nothing left, just tell me I’m bad at taking hints, maybe you’ve got your fill of friends. (and i understand but) I’ll be your second choice (when your friends all bail, and your mood went stale, so call me up say ya wanna hang, when you are there and they are not). Can you wait up? wait for me? (when you are there and they are not).