Talking Wreck Split

by WhateverForever & Amar Ahmad

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This is a split with my pal Sam from AZ! My part's the (shitty) first four songs and his is the last four (which are wayy better). We both recorded each of our sides ourselves.

You can find more of Sam's dope music on his bandcamp and follow his blog!

I don't know how to use a xylophone. Enjoy <333


released April 6, 2015

Joebob McCart made the album art:



all rights reserved


Amar Ahmad Boston, Massachusetts

16/ I do this to keep busy

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amar.ahmad91920@gmail dot com

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Track Name: Our Daughter
Ive been thinking bout our daughter, when's the last time that we saw her?
Yeah shes bloomed out like a flower, now through the streets she wanders. Ive been thinkin bout or daughter, lookin at the pale moon water.
Didnt have the heart to tell her, all of this would be gone.

and you're not the only one who cant get out of bed, and yr not the only one who's stuck inside their head, so put on some pants get up and get dressed, if not for yrself then for the friends who try their best. and ive been cryin hard and ive been laughing weak. you've become a dream i can recall at 13 and i know...

Ive been missin my friend so bad, even though i hate everything that she said. and ive been missin my friends so bad, even though i loathe all the times that we spent. (X2)

Ive been missin my friends so bad, distracted by the love, the love we never had. and i've been missin my friend so bad. Do for yrself and the friends who try their best. B)
Track Name: when i'm 18
You are the cutest girl ive ever seen, and even when i turn 18, you still will be. and i know im not the best friend to have, i dont have too many interests, and i thought id have a longer list.
and i have these kind of thoughts at night, the kinds that might give you a fright, the kinds that are about death, but dont worry girl,
ive been doin okay, you make the hurt go away, and ive found something to do gotta keep sane, gotta keep moving.
and i read yr old letters sometimes, to find out out what i felt like,to find out what im missing daily, and i dont feel better then, now i just want to be dead, and im glad that yr my friend still.

Poem( a lot changed but missing you stays stagnant. but telling you is so boring, really who hasn’t? stay home all alone. windows wide, summer nights. do you think then, we’ll find what we want and what we’ll find?

i go there in my mind, the blatant fragment we hope to endure. for sure, the slurring of words my loneliness brings, contemplating things, breaking my wings.chill out. ive seen you. what will sadness bring? the next time you leave?)
Track Name: Pathetic like Murakami
Theres no reason to get out of bed, the sheep mans gone and kiki is dead, theres no reason to cry anymore, get up off that hotel floor. and who needs friends right friends are the worst, they're irrelevant and they keep you from work, now that they're gone you can drink till yr dry and deal with the naseau all day an night.

CHORUS; Yuki makes me happy, like she was when she was young, shes lookin older and pretty im so proud of who shes become. and she's got time to just hang around and worry about it all. she's just waiting for the downfall.

The way the light hit yr hair before, im not sure if it mattered, but it doesnt any more, and you took drugs cuz you were scared and young, but when you fell asleep i was afraid you wouldn't wake up.


false boundaries dont annoy
you are no longer a kid or a boy,
your anxieties diminished to why
you are dropping out of junior high
Track Name: Caroline (Drug Song)
Hey caroline X2 whathcu wanna do tonight? wanna take a puff maybe fuck you up? maybe just one more line?
hey caroline X2 i dont know it all, i dont take pills, do drugs, or drink alcohol.
(All yr friends let you down)
Hey caroline X2 how's it been, you feelin kinda sad yah you throwin yr own towel in? Well call me up, we can hit the pipe and do some stuff.
We can grab movie from the library, instead of sticking your arm in that IV
i dont know if you still like me, but we can take a walk and then we'll see

you get mad at dad, get kinda sad, increase supplements, its nothing new i still love you, we all do that.

But when you are out and you're trying to get, off of the road at five thirty in the morining, and yr high as a kite and you dont know whats wrongs, when a car hits you in traffic will you sing along? To the cars as they try to beep, and yr smile, crooked smile and teeth. Hey caroline miss you so much.

Hey caroline come back